Points and Airdrop

Points constitute one of the primary channels through which Parallel L2 acknowledges and rewards its users. These points are set to be convertible into future airdrops from Parallel L2 at a predetermined rate. Stay tuned for more updates as we gradually unveil additional details.

Parallel L2 has 4 types of points, enjoy earning points rewards!

Initial Points

Users who partake in the Parallel L2 Early Access are eligible for Initial Points. The quantity of these points is directly correlated with your financial engagement on the Parallel L2, reflecting our appreciation for your early support and involvement.

Daily Points

Every user actively interacting with Parallel L2 is entitled to earn Daily Points. This system is designed to continually recognize and reward your engagement with the platform, fostering a vibrant and interactive community.

Referral Points

Inviting friends to join Parallel L2 is an important way to help you earn more points. Earn 20% of invitee's points and 10% of their invitee's points

Team Points

Joining or forming your own team emerges as a strategic avenue to accumulate additional points. Upon joining a team and reaching full membership capacity, you are entitled to a bonus of 30% of the team's total points as an extra reward. For those aspiring to amplify their point accrual, forming your own team is a lucrative option. Once your team reaches full capacity, you stand to receive 15% of the team's total points as an extra reward. Inviting whales to your team can significantly boost your points tally.

It's possible to be part of two teams simultaneously — your own and someone else's. Embrace the spirit of teamwork and maximize your point earnings!

How to Claim Your Points?

The process to claim your Initial Points will be activated post the official launch of Parallel L2. Detailed claiming procedures will be announced in due course, so keep an eye out for further communications.

The accrual of Daily Points will commence with the launch of Parallel L2. The more you interact, the more you earn – an approach that ensures your active participation is consistently rewarded.

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