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Overview of the $PARA token distribution for Parallel Crowdloan

Para Reward Amount

The final PARA token base distribution for crowdloan participants is based on total DOT contributions. For the base reward, users will get 1 DOT = 33 PARA, and an additional 76.771 PARA** allocated for the first crowdloan. There are also other reward types, such as referral rewards, early-bird rewards, etc. all according to the contribution time of different users and dependent on their contribution method.


Parallel will begin the distribution of rewards at Block #295650. It is estimated that the initial distribution will occur on January 31st. The distribution will account for about 5.625% of the user’s Crowdloan reward, and this part of the reward will be distributed directly to the user’s address. Subsequent rewards will require users to claim them. We will soon publish a related tutorial on how to claim $PARA.

PARA Reward Distribution Details

  • $PARA total unlock period: Block #0 — Block #5256000

  • The first release time of $PARA is: Block #295650 (expected on January 31)

  • The first release ratio of $PARA is: approx. 5.625%

  • 94.375% of $PARA rewards released: Block #295650 — Block #5256000

  • At the start of Block #295650, the entire Vesting process will take approx. 3–4 hours.

How to view rewards

The receipt of $PARA can be confirmed at

How to Claim on Parallel

Details will be added in early February 2022.

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