Crowdloan v2: Kusama Project Onboarding

v2 is currently available for Kusama crowdloans, we will launch on Polkadot soon. Stay tuned!

Onboarding workflow

  1. To list your crowdloan on Parallel’s platform, there are a few things to prepare for. Please read through the next sections for more detail.

  2. Create an issue first at our repo and you will be taken to the onBoarding issue template. If it is your team's first time onboarding on our platform, you need to create a PR and include the information (listed in the checklist below) for your project. It could also be updated later with another PR. We have different files for Kusama and Polkadot projects, note that you will need to update the right one for your project to show up correctly.

  3. Once the PR is merged and we have created a vault for your crowdloan, it will show up in our crowdloan table.

  4. If you’d like to close or delist your crowdloan for any reason, please let us know by emailing

  5. If you would like to partner with us on additional bonuses or need support, reach out to us at

Project information checklist

[ ] ParaId + open crowdloan on relaychain

[ ] Name

[ ] Website

[ ] Token ticker

[ ] Icon - SVG is preferred.

[ ] Overview - Add a project description, what you do/ mission, etc.

[ ] Tokenomics - Provide your token’s total supply and % allocation which should total to 100%

[ ] Base reward (Field: Reward.fixed) - Specify a minimum reward for what users can expect to get per DOT or KSM contributed to your crowdloan

[ ] Reward rules - List the reward structure and what users can expect to receive if your project wins a slot


File: projects/kusama.js



paraid: This is the para ID of your project. Make sure it is the right one from the relay chain.

name: This is the project name that will display on the crowdloan and contribution page.

website: This will show on the contribution page which links to your project website.

token: This will show in the base reward field to indicate what kind of token the user will get if your project wins a slot.

icon: This shows up next to the project name and on pages that require your logo. It should be a link to a svg(or png, svg is preferred) file. Please include the svg file here in the PR: The final icon url looks like: . Use the same image-name at the repo and the icon url.

overview: The overview of the project will display on the contribution page.

tokenomics: This shows how the token will be distributed and % allocation.

reward.fixed: The base reward is shown in the crowdloan table

It looks like: [{ "value": 0.1875, "suffix": "+", "unit": "PDEX" }]

The array means you could have multi token as base reward

The value, suffix and the unit will concat together. The ‘+’ means that you will provide some reward, but it depends on the time and amount or some other conditions.

reward.rewardRules: The reward rules show at the Overview section in the contribution page.

The array indicates you could have multiple rewards rules.

Each rule contains a label and a content. It will show as one section.

Vault Information

A vault on our chain is required to list your crowdloan and need to be provided in the onboarding issue. The following information is needed for creating a vault:

[ ] ParaId: This is the para ID of your project on relaychain. Make sure it is the same as relaychain. e.g. 2085

[ ] Lease period: check the slot duration of the auction schedule, you can check it from or, note that this cannot be changed after submission.

[ ] Cap: This is the crowdloan cap balance field on the relaychain when creating your crowdloan

[ ] EndBlock: this is the endblock field on the relaychain when creating your crowdloan

Please provide this info and create an issue on our repo, so that we can create the vault for your project to get listed.

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