How to send KSM to Parallel Heiko App

How to send KSM to Parallel Heiko App

KSM is the native token of Kusama blockchain, the layer-zero blockchain and relay chain on which Heiko runs. As such, it is an important token that has a wide variety of uses in the Heiko DeFi app including staking, yield farming, lending, etc.

Sending KSM to Heiko

The process of sending KSM to Heiko is simple and straightforward:

1. For a new user, you need to download the Polkadot browser extension from the Chrome Web Store and create a Kusama wallet.

2. Existing users need to top up their KSM balance on the Polkadot.js (no less than 0.11 KSM).

3. After topping up your balance, you’ll need to visit the Heiko DeFi app suite here:

4. Next, click Connect wallet.

5. On the "More" tab, select  "Cross Chain" from the drop-down menu.

OR Click “Transfer” on the Overview page.

6. Choose from (Kusama) to (Parallel) and enter an amount from your available balance (you are able to transfer no less than 0.10 KSM) and press the transfer button.

7. Complete the transaction by clicking the “Sign the Transaction” button.

8. You’ll see a transaction success message at the top righthand corner of your screen and you have successfully deposited your KSM to Parallel Heiko app.

Notice: HKO Gas Fee When users deposit >0.1KSM into Parallel, we check their HKO balance. If users have <0.035 HKO, we will automatically send enough HKO to cover their next ~10 transactions.

9. You can check your KSM balance on the Overview page.

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