• How to Get Testnet Tokens

  • How to Access the Testnet

  • How to Connect Your Wallet

How to Get Testnet Tokens:

Note1: The testnet tokens may disappear from your account if we do a deployment for new updates. This is a non-issue, you will just need to follow these instructions below to get test token to continue with the testing.

Note2: There is a limit of two requests daily to get test tokens per wallet address.

1. If you do not have the polkadot.js extension installed, you will need to scroll down to the "How to Connect Your Wallet" section and follow those instructions first. To get test tokens, join the discord channel: https://discord.com/invite/buKKx4dySW

2. Go to the ‘faucet-testnet’ channel. Note that you will only be able to make up to two requests every 24 hours.

3. Type !drip and your polkadot.js wallet address. Example: !drip 5Fjzxr4yGXFdBAk5S7ehN8ngvixXySSDnmhQ2z7BC69Qkjkl

4. Refresh the testnet page and you should be able to see your test tokens in your account. In the overview page, you should see the ‘Net Worth’ and related fields updated, in addition to the ‘Assets in Parallel’ table:

How to Access the Testnet:

Note: You will need the polkadot.js extension, as it will not work properly with other wallets. Please see instructions below to learn how to download and connect.

1. Go to: https://parallel.fi/

2. Access testnet via the ‘Enter App’ button on the page or ‘App’ in the upper right corner.

How to Connect Your Wallet:

  1. If you do not already have the polkadot{.js} extension, follow these instructions to download. Skip these steps if you have already installed it previously.

  2. Download the extension for Chrome or Firefox.

1. Add the extension.

2. Follow instructions to finish setting up the extension.

3. Allow application access to Parallel Dapp.

1. Refresh the testnet page —  https://testnet.parallel.fi/#/overview.

2. After installation, follow these instructions to add an account and connect your wallet.

3. Click the polkadot extension icon:

1. Click the add icon to add your first account.

2. Write down your wallet’s mnemonic seed and keep it in a safe place. When you’re ready, tick off the check box and hit next.

3. Write a descriptive name for your account — this can be renamed later if needed.

4. Add a new password for your account and hit next.

5. You may also import an existing account by following the instructions in the menu.

6. Once your account is set up, go back to the testnet and refresh the page. In the upper corner, you should be able to see the connected account and switch between accounts if you have more than one.

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