How to swap KSM/HKO

How to swap KSM/HKO

Users will need HKO for transaction fees and the best way to get HKO for those transaction fees currently is to swap KSM for HKO. Also, HKO will allow LP and Farming opportunities for users.

1. Go to

2. Press the tab “Swap.”

3. Connect wallet.

4. Choose Swap KSM to HKO.

5. Enter an amount of available KSM and press the bottom “Swap”.

6. Sign the transaction.

7. Transaction success.

8. Back to the page Overview to check the available balance.

Notice: HKO Gas Fee When users deposit >0.1KSM into Parallel, we check their HKO balance. If users have <0.035 HKO, we will automatically send enough HKO to cover their next ~10 transactions.

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