Wallet Overview

The multichain wallet gateway that allows you to manage private keys and sign transactions on any DApp.

Parallel Wallet extension is the non-custodial multi-asset native wallet solution of Parallel Finance that is developed to give users a one-stop DeFi experience. This product serves as an entry point for users to help them firstly secure their assets, then manage and grow them using Parallel Finance DeFi solutions. With it, users can authorize transactions and deploys on Parallel Finance super DApp suite like asset transfer, staking, swap, lending, etc.

Created with user experience and industry-leading security in mind, Parallel wallet ensures seamless user interaction and protection of user assets by making sure that the extension is encrypted with your password.

Parallel Wallet Main Features:

  • Create and manage your accounts

  • Import your seed phrase from an existing wallet.

  • Protect your seed phrase, which is stored securely and encrypted with your password.

  • View your asset balances across multiple Polkadot parachains

  • Send and receive assets from your accounts directly in the wallet.

  • Authorize Dapps to connect with your wallet without accessing your private keys.

  • Sign transactions from your wallet by providing your password

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