How to Contribute

Option 1: Parallel’s Auction Loan product

  1. Select Parallel’s crowdloan and click “Contribute”

  2. Enter a DOT amount to contribute and agree to the terms. Earn extra referral bonus by referring a friend or using a valid code. This link can be used to get a 5% bonus on your contributions: referral link.

  3. Click ‘Contribute’ and confirm your transaction.

Option 2: Polkadot{JS} Portal


  1. Install the Polkadot.JS extension on your Chrome or Firefox browser. Refer to this guide here.

  2. If you have stake DOT, you will need to unlock the DOT. Follow the instructions here to unstake on Polkadot{.JS}. Note that this process will take ~28 days before the DOT is available and transferable for the crowdloan.

  3. DOT. You need DOT stored in a non-custodial address. There is no limit to the amount of DOT you want to contribute.

Via Polkadot{JS}

  1. In the top left corner, select the Network dropdown to switch to the Polkadot network.

  2. From the navigation, go to Network and click on Parachains from the dropdown.

  3. Go to the crowdloan tab (below the main navigation).

  4. Find ‘Parallel’ in the ‘ongoing’ table. Click ‘Contribute’.

  5. On the ‘contribute to fund’ pop up, select the account you’d like to contribute from.

  6. Enter the DOT contribution amount.

  7. Click ‘Contribute.’

  8. Sign and submit the transaction.

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