How to claim HKO Rewards

Parallel Heiko won the tenth Kusama parachain auction slot, read this guide to learn how to claim your rewards.

Parallel Heiko Crowdloan - Rewards

  1. Base Reward: 1 KSM = 200 HKO

  2. Early Bird: 5% bonus HKO

  3. Referral Program: 5% bonus HKO to both you and your friend, based on KSM contribution

  4. First 1,600 contributors that supported with 10+ KSM: 4000 HKO Airdrop

  5. Community bonus: Contributors get additional 2.5% bonus

Claim HKO

  1. Connect your wallet.

  2. If you have contributed to our crowdloan with this wallet address, you will see "Parallel Heiko" in the 'Claim Project Token' table. You can hover over the 'Project Rewards' column to see a tooltip for the breakdown of rewards and vested amount.

  3. The 'Claim HKO' button should be active. Click on it and you will see a pop up modal to 'Claim Tokens.'

  4. Each claim will incur transaction fee in HKO. The initial claim has been transferred to you, so that you have some HKO in your wallet to claim more. If you're ready to claim, click 'Claim HKO' button in the modal.

  5. Sign your transaction and confirm. The transaction processing state may take about 30 seconds to complete.

  6. If this is successful, you will see a success message that your HKO is claimed. Note that we are currently building out an overview page for you to see your full HKO balance and vested amounts, more to come. shortly. In the meantime, you can come back to the My Rewards page in step 1 to check your HKO total, vested, and available to claim.


  1. What do each of the fields mean in the Claim Tokens modal / pop up?

    1. Total HKO: This is the overall total earned from KSM crowdloan ( KSM contribution + Referral bonus + Referee bonus + Airdrop + 2.5% HKO community bonus)

    2. Vested: HKO reward follow a linear release over ~48 weeks until end of parachain lease period, released per block.

    3. Claimed: This is the amount that has already been claimed.

    4. Available to Claim: This is the amount of HKO available for claim.

  2. Why do I see a 'Claimed' amount the first time I check my account and I haven't claimed anything yet.

    1. By default, we transferred 1.5% of the HKO to users because there is a transaction fee in HKO for users to claim themselves.

  3. Is there a transaction fee to claim?

    1. Yes, there is a small transaction fee that has to be paid in HKO for each claim transaction

  4. Who do I contact if I still see issues?

    1. Reach out to our community managers with your issue and wallet address. They will work with our internal team to resolve. Join our telegram, discord, twitter.

    2. Email with your issue and wallet address, someone will reply to resolve.

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