Daofi is a decentralized financial infrastructure of fund management between organizations and individuals. Daofi is a combined word between (DAO + Finance). Coined by Parallel finance team, Parallel tries to open a fairer and more transparent ecosystem for decentralized projects or organizations to manage their treasury to their goal of decentralization.

Mission: Clear Fund Managment

<image describing clear fund managment>We have seen from Wonderland incident that how dangerous it can be of only one person managing the fund. There are no certified way of verifying decentralized projects have secure set of fund management in Polkadot ecosystem. For builders and operators, secure and transparent fund management is more emphasized than ever as financial ecosystem scales. On Daofi, it introduces fund management frameworks that can solve the challenge along with them.DAOfi introduces 4 features to achieve its mission.


Bulk Transfer

<bulk transfer>Sending airdrops to community members one by one is such a hassle. On Daofi, it just needs one zap.

Payroll Management

It is burdensome to manage payroll for each worker in hand. On Daofi, workers in DAO can see real-time payment of their wages and payroll admin does not need to worry for works. Payrolls are issued as NFT, and often be used as a leverage interacting other nftfi projects.

Multi-Signature Approval

On every operation in an decentralized organization, DAOfi offers multisig approval method to safely decide them. Operators are able to aggregate all operations for approval in one table.

Spending Management

<spending management>Safeguarding team members from overspending is critical for efficient treasury management. Organization operators are able to set limits on spenders to prevent from accessing the whole treasury for certain expenses.


For builders, here are inner works and blueprints for open source developers who wants to contribute to DAOfi. Next sections specifies each feature of DAOfi:

  1. 1.Bulk transfer

  2. 2.Payroll

  3. 3.Multisig

  4. 4.Approval Management

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