Parallel x Ledger Hardware Wallet

Note: As of July 2022, Parallel is currently available in DEV mode in the Ledger Live app.

We’re proud and excited to announce the Parallel parachain now offers a test version of Hardware wallet support via Ledger and the polkadot.js extension. The application is currently in testing and users should exercise caution in trusting capital to the same.

With that important caveat in mind, you may follow a walk-through on setting up your hardware wallet via Ledger and polkadot.js:


  • Ledger wallet - Nano S and Nano X tested

  • Ledger Live application for MacOS or Windows

  • polkadot.js browser extension and existing PARA tokens

Start with the Ledger Live application and your Ledger device, plug it into your machine, and unlock your hardware wallet as per on-screen instructions.

Next you must go to “Manager” within Ledger Live and enable “Developer Mode” according to instructions from Ledger:

Click on the Ledger Live version ten times:

Then under the “Experimental Features” menu click on the “Developer Mode” toggle:

Under the “Developer” menu click on “Allow experimental apps”. Note once again that our Parallel hardware support is under active development, and we likewise cannot make any representations as to other experimental apps available within Ledger Live:

As noted above please exercise caution with your capital as this application remains in active development. With that key caveat in mind you can now click on the “Manager” tab on the left Menu and you will see an “App catalog” search bar. Type in ‘Parallel’ and click on ‘Install’:

Once installed you will now see the option to click on and open the Parallel app from your device:

Once you open the Parallel app you will need to acknowledge the app has yet to be reviewed by Ledger itself then see the “Parallel Ready” status on your physical device:

Now to create a new Parallel account!

Please note that you will need to create a new account on the Parallel Parachain with your Ledger device. The added security from Hardware wallets comes from the fact your private keys are never connected directly to the internet and thus safer if your computer or mobile device are compromised. If you have an existing account this will no longer be the case, and this is why you will need a new account for hardware support.

First go to your polkadot.js extension on the browser, click on the '+' symbol and select "Connect Ledger device". If prompted on which type of connection, select "Attach Ledger via WebHID".

From here click on the ‘+’ symbol once more to "Attach ledger account":

This will show a screen which reads "Import Ledger Account". Select “Parallel”:

Note: our app does not yet support the Polkadot Relay Chain, and this account will be limited to the Parallel parachain.

Import the new account from your ledger with a descriptive name. Within the testing phase we can leave other fields to their defaults.

Congratulations! You have now successfully created a new Account on the Parallel Parachain with your Ledger Hardware wallet. Please keep in mind this support remains in active development, however. You test this functionality at your own risk.

Using the new Parallel hardware wallet account

First navigate to the Parallel dApp at and connect your wallet. Since you almost certainly have an existing Parallel Account you will need to click on the icon to ensure you can switch to your new account.

But before we can use this new Parallel Account we will need PARA tokens. With your existing account go to and go to your “Parallel Balance” at the footer of the page and click “Send”:

From here select your newly-created account as the ‘To’ address and select an amount of PARA to transfer:

From here you can now switch back to your newly-created account in order to create transactions on the Parallel dApp!

Once again please note hardware support on Parallel remains in active development, and you should test with caution and use at your own risk. We look forward to further development and launching an app which fully meets Parallel's user's needs.

Please e-mail any questions and especially bugs encountered to and thank you for helping us test our app!

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