Deploy Your Contracts

Use EVM tools like Hardhat and Foundry for deploying contracts to Parallel Network, ensuring they're set with the right chain ID and RPC URL.

For Foundry deployments, utilize --rpc-url and --chain-id flags. Deployment can be as simple as forge create src/Contract.sol:Contract --chain-id 1014 --rpc-url --private-key $PRIVATE_KEY.

Foundry also allows single-command deployment and verification with specific flags for Blockscout. Verify existing contracts using forge verify-contract with appropriate flags.

For Hardhat, configure your project with Parallel Network details in hardhat.config.js and follow Hardhat's guidelines for compiling, testing, and deploying contracts.

Hardhat uses Blockscout for contract verification, detailed in Blockscout's Hardhat plugin guide. For further instructions, refer to each tool's documentation.

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