Cross-Chain Bridge Guide

Cross-Chain Bridge Parallel Heiko Cross-Chain Bridge is the cross-chain messaging (XCM) format that provides instant and cheap transfer of DOT & KSM from the Relay chain to Parallel in merely a few clicks. It allows seamless flow of asset so that our users can utilize Parallel for higher yields. Access the Cross-Chain Bridge here: Purpose

  • Easy transfer of KSM from the Relay Chain to Parallel ( $DOT will be added later)

  • It allows transfer of assets between two different chains - assets will soon include: DOT, KSM, PARA, HKO, cTokens, USDT, USDC, and other project tokens on the Polkadot ecosystem

  • It enables Parallel users to transfer tokens on our platform and store native tokens to increase utility for those who have tokens on Parallel and other chains.

How to use the Cross-Chain Bridge

1. Connect your wallet

Click the “Connect to Wallet” Button

*New users should download the Polkadot{JS}Extension, create a wallet and fund it with KSM to able to convert it to Parallel’s chain using the bridge -

2. Select “Kusama” to Parallel” and the “Asset” you would like to transfer and click the “Transfer” button (you are able to transfer no less than 0.10 KSM).

Afterward, you will see a “Transaction Success!” at the same corner of your screen.

4. You have now officially converted your KSM to Parallel's chain!

Notice: HKO Gas Fee

When users deposit >0.1KSM into Parallel, we check their HKO balance. If users have <0.035 HKO, we will automatically send enough HKO to cover their next ~10 transactions.

On the page Overview you can check your total balance in KSM or other assets.

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