Parallel offers two distinct types of Automatic Market Makers to provide a wider range of possibilities to its users. More specifically, "Stable" is a low slippage AMM suitable for stable 1:1 ratio assets while "Dynamic" is a general-purpose AMM for any kind of asset combination with a higher slippage.

For swap operations, the nomenclature chosen for internal swaps is the old buy and sell operations used on the Stock market, Forex market, crypto CEXs, or any other order-book-based entity.

Given a [X, Y] asset pair, buying X (base) means swapping Y (quote) for X (base) while the opposite (selling) means swapping X (base) for Y (quote). Therefore, for any [X, Y] asset pair, base is X and quote is Y.

With that said, accounts buy or sell base assets and pay or charge quote assets.

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