Manual Repay USDT step-by-step

  1. Head to Contract tab → Write as Proxy

  2. Click on Connect to Web3 and connect with your wallet

  3. Click on 11. repay

  4. Input the following info:

    1. asset =

    2. amount = the amount you wish to repay * 10^6 (eg. 1234.56 USDT = 1234560000) Please add a small margin to ensure the full amount is repaid as the debt amount interests every block as interests are accured. For example: I owe 1000 so i might input 1001000000 to account for the interest. Only the actual debt amount will be deducted from your wallet if the repay amount > debt.

    3. onBehalfOf = your wallet address with the outstanding loan amount

  5. Click write and approve transaction

  6. Once the transaction is confirmed, you should see your Borrowed Amount be updated on the DApp

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