Connect Wallet Integration

Add Parallel Wallet as an option in the Connect Wallet flows for other parachain dApps.

Parallel Wallet Usage

Download here: Store Link

If you're a DAPP developer and wish to integrate with the Parallel Wallet extension, there are several ways to go about it.

The Parallel Wallet has been modeled after the Polkadot Wallet and follows the same patterns, structure, API, protocols and request / response payloads. That way if your DAPP works for Polkadot wallet, it should and will automatically work for Parallel Wallet.

Integrating the Parallel Wallet:

Extension ID:

  • Chrome: jbkgjmpfammbgejcpedggoefddacbdia



npm package


Get information about the Parallel Wallet:

import { web3Enable } from '@polkadot/extension-dapp';

const extensionProviders = await web3Enable('My Cool Dapp');


Quick connect

The Parallel Wallet automatically injects and registers itself as a web3Provider on all URLs.

It is straight-forward to access it directly, should you choose to not follow the official polkadot-dapp consumption package & guidelines.

await window?.injectedWeb3["parallel-wallet"].enable('My Cool Dapp');

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