How to Contribute
This guide will provide a walkthrough of how to contribute to our crowdloan.

Update - October 2021

We have reached our hard cap at 200K KSM and the crowdloan has ended. On October 6, 2021, we have been officially announced as the winner in the tenth slot in the Kusama auctions batch 2.


Parallel Finance is a decentralized money market protocol that offers lending, staking, and borrowing in the Polkadot ecosystem. Similar to the relationship between Polkadot and its “canary network” Kusama, Heiko Finance is the sister network to Parallel. We will be participating in the upcoming Kusama parachain auctions beginning on September 1, 2021 at 12pm GMT. Parallel Heiko is hosting a crowdloan campaign and there are two ways to contribute:
  1. 1.
    Via our official Parallel website
  2. 2.
    Via the Polkadot.JS app
Note that the crowdloan contribution is soft capped at 150K KSM (with a hard cap at 200K KSM). After the maximum cap is reached, the remaining amount of HKO tokens will be used as a reserve for future crowdloans.


  1. 1.
    Install the Polkadot.JS extension on your Chrome or Firefox browser. Refer to this guide here.
  2. 2.
    If you have stake KSM, you will need to unlock the KSM. Follow the instructions here to unstake on Polkadot{.JS}. Note that this process will take ~7 days before the KSM is available and transferable for the crowdloan.
  3. 3.
    KSM. You need KSM stored in a non-custodial address. There is no limit to the amount of KSM you want to contribute.

Via Parallel's Official Website

  1. 2.
    Ensure you have the Polkadot.JS extension and allow access to ''. Connect your wallet
  2. 3.
    Enter in a contribution KSM amount.
  3. 4.
    Read the conditions and agree to it by ticking off the checkbox.
  4. 5.
    Click the 'Contribute' button. Authorize the transaction.
Parallel Heiko Crowdloan Contribution via our official website

Via the PolkadotJS Portal

  1. 2.
    In the top left corner, select the Network dropdown to switch to the Kusama network.
3. From the navigation, go to Network and click on Parachains from the dropdown.
4. Go to the crowdloan tab (below the main navigation).
5. Find ‘Parallel Heiko’ in the ‘ongoing’ table. Click ‘Contribute’.
6. On the ‘contribute to fund’ pop up, select the account you’d like to contribute from.
7. Enter the KSM contribution amount.
8. Click ‘Contribute.’
9. Sign and submit the transaction.
Thank you for contributing! You can visit this page again to contribute more, there's no limit to the amount to contribute.
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