Money Market Guide
Money Market
Parallel offers a Decentralized Money Market Protocol so that users can earn additional revenue from lending their assets (staking returns and interest at the same time) or collaterize their assets to borrow other tokens.
Access the Money Market here:
How to lend and borrow -KSM-HKO on the Money Market
1. Select the Asset you would like to Supply to the Money Market
2. Decide how many percent of that Asset you would like to supply then press “Submit”
3. Next, you will see a pop-up window asking if you want to supply the asset. Click the Confirm button to proceed
4. Sign Transaction to complete lending
You need to have an asset as collateral before you can borrow another token. As such, in this guide, we will use KSM as collateral to borrow another asset.
1. Click the toggle button to supply KSM as collateral
A window will pop-up asking to confirm if you want to supply the asset as collateral. Click Confirm to proceed.
2. Sign the transaction to complete the Collateral Deposit process
3. Next, select the Loans tab to proceed to borrowing your desired asset
4. Click borrow on the asset you wish to borrow
5. Choose how many percent of the asset you would like to Borrow.
Take note of the transaction details and click “Submit”
6. Complete the process by Signing the Transaction
You have successfully borrowed an asset and you will now be able to see your “Borrow Limit Left” on the Money Market interface.
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