Farming Guide
Crowdloan participants will no longer have to wait to put their HKO to work! Deposit your idle coins into our farms and earn a yield!
Purpose Thanks to Parallel, users now have more opportunities to earn returns on their assets—no more dormant capital while staking!
Access the farming interface here.
Farming is a great way to capitalize on your staked HKO, KSM, in LP-KSM/HKO and LP-KSM/sKSM liquidity pools to earn a yield.
In our Farm tab, you will find a list of pools to which you can add your assets.
1. Once you find the pool with the rewards you like, you’ll click deposit.
2. Next, you’ll input the amount of that asset(s) you would like to deposit and an estimate of the rewards you will earn per day will be calculated.
Just below that is the withdrawal cool-down period; this notifies you how much time you will have to wait to withdraw your deposit.
Press confirm after noting the transaction fee below.
3. Sign the transaction to deposit your asset.
Once it says success, you have officially deposited into a Parallel liquidity pool and be able to see this under My Positions
4. To claim those rewards earned click Claim
5. Finally, click the Sign Transaction button and you will have your reward deposited in your wallet.
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