Heiko Mainnet
Parallel Heiko product releases will be covered in this section.


*Note: Currently, we are going through testing with the internal team and the community is only able to test the deposit feature. We will be transferring some HKO to community testers shortly to test out the Lend & Borrow features, more details to be announced!*
We have officially secured the tenth Kusama parachain slot on October 6, 2021. This was an important milestone for us, as it enables us to launch Heiko on the Kusama network. After our crowdloan completed and we won a parachain slot, Heiko is producing blocks on the network.
In the upcoming months, we are preparing for our Heiko mainnet launch. This will involve several phases to ensure we maintain stability during each deployment; going from enabling basic functionalities to full platform capabilities after the necessary development, runtime upgrades, testing, and technical verifications. As we continue to build, we also want to create a feedback loop with our users and the broader community. In November, we will begin the first phase of public testing on our Heiko mainnet.
Parallel's money market product was launched on October 28, 2021. To access, users can click into the link here: https://app.parallel.fi/#/overview. The platform looks similar to the testnet and one of the main differences here is that those using this product will now be transacting with real assets instead of test tokens. The following sections will walk you through a guide on the money market product features.

Money Market


  • How to access Heiko mainnet
  • How to connect your wallet

Mainnet Experience

  • How to deposit
  • How to lend
  • How to borrow
  • Repaying your loan
  • Withdrawing from the Lend and Borrow page
  • How to withdraw from Parallel's network
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