Features In Progress
    Stake and Unstake features
    Incremental enhancements in Testnet

Stake and Unstake Features

1. Stake page: Unstake Pending Table - We are adding more details on unstake transactions so that users know when their assets will be deposited back to their wallets. To unstake, it takes up to 7 days. This table will show the time remaining and the unstake transactions initiated by the user.
2. Stake page: Validator set - We are adding more information on the validators, their stake amount, and score. This allows our user to get a sense of how we algorithmically select the highest performing nodes to reduce the slashing risk.

Incremental enhancements

    We value our community's feedbacks and read through all the messages sent to us. We prioritize for features that add value to the overall experience and ensure the platform is easy to use. New fields, formatting, improved notifications, look and feel will be improved over the next few development sprints. Stay tuned!
Last modified 2mo ago
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