Testnet Guide

A step by step guide for Parallel's Testnet

‌After we launched our testnet, we prepared this guide to show our users how to interact with Parallel on Polkadot’s testnet. It assumes that users have no prior experience with the Polkadot testnet, and thereby do not have a polkadot{.js} wallet extension (which you will need to use Parallel’s testnet). The guide is separated into two main sections: Onboarding and the Testnet Experience. There are features that are currently in progress and may not work perfectly, we are aware of known issues and in the process of fixing.‌
Testnet Experience
    How to deposit
    How to Lend
    How to Borrow
    Repaying your Loan
    Withdrawing from the Lend and Borrow page
    How to Stake
    How to Unstake
    How to withdraw from Parallel's network
Features in Progress and known issues
    Stake and Unstake features
    Incremental enhancements in Testnet
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